A1Survivalkits was established in 2016 under a partner website. It was created to provide you the customer with an exceptional buying experience. From start to end we will make sure that you are taken care of by knowledgeable customer service reps, that are passionate about survival gear.

This company was started because the founder and owner grew up in a rural part of Northeast region of the United States the weather had extremes, and he had experienced various forms of harsh weather. Everything from hurricanes to blizzards with a few tornadoes sprinkled in there. He realized the importance of being prepared for even heavy snowfall or rain. Fast forward 20 years and he lives in Southern California where earthquake, flood, and wildfire preparedness is the norm. But surprisingly not enough people are prepared, which is why A1Survivalkits was formed. 

We carry everything from emergency kits, earthquake kits to survival food buckets and equipment.